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This page contains a wealth of information on the Pollard case, not found in other news sources. Dr. Aaron Lerner's many in-depth interviews with Esther Pollard, spanning the last decade, provide the background and context for new developments on the case; the meaning of events in the news; and the insider point of view. Other IMRA material includes news items, op-eds, IMRA commentary, IMRA background items, and features first published by IMRA which may be reprinted with attribution. To make this information readily accessible to all readers, J4JP has collected the IMRA material onto this page.

Because it is historic, factual and documentary, all of the IMRA material remains topical and relevant even with the passage of time. J4JP recommends this page to researchers, journalists, students, and supporters alike. J4JP expresses thanks to IMRA and Director Dr. Aaron Lerner for permission to reprint.

IMRA Interviews with Esther Pollard

The IMRA Interviews are an historic series, and required reading for any serious study of the Pollard case. Regardless of the original date of publication, the information in the IMRA interviews - which is not found in any other news source - is necessary for a thorough understanding of the case, the issues it involves, and the events that have occurred.

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