Pollards React to Clinton's Rejection of Clemency

A Personal Letter from Esther Pollard to Aaron Lerner

IMRA - January 21, 2001

[Reprinted with permission]

Dear Aaron,

When freedom seems within reach and you can almost taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it - then suddenly it is gone again, the effect is devastating.

The last couple of days, waiting for the shoe to drop has been excruciating, even though we knew it was coming. When the blow landed, no matter how keenly it was anticipated, it still hurt, and continues to be sharply felt. We had hoped against hope that the G-d of Israel might have had a different plan for Jonathan than the one Bill Clinton had. Apparently not. Not at this time anyway. To say that we are disappointed is an understatement...

Ehud Barak's hands are drenched in Jonathan's blood. Barak feared Jonathan's release even more than he feared losing the elections (because of his own involvement in the Pollard affair.) He gave Clinton the green light to keep Pollard in prison. His government's implausible spin in the media that 'Barak tried for Jonathan but could not get him because Clinton was afraid of the reaction of the intelligence community' is belied by the list of dangerous felons, family and friends that Clinton did pardon, without the slightest thought as to who might protest.

Most egregious of all is the fact that both Clinton and Barak completely ignored Jonathan's new legal case to vacate his sentence which is currently before the American courts. As author Sid Zion put it, the court case documents how "Jonathan Pollard was constitutionally raped by the American Justice Department with the cooperation of the federal courts." It would have been so easy, based on the court filings alone, for Clinton to free Jonathan. It would have been so easy for Barak to insist upon it. But both men just turned their heads from the truth and continued a 16-year policy of politically driven lies.

And before Shas and Yisrael B'Alyiah or any of the opposition - with one notable exception, Rechavaam Ze'evi - dare to point a finger at Ehud Barak and his bloody hands, they should look at their own. There was not a peep of protest, as Barak repeatedly shafted Jonathan these last two years, cutting him loose after Wye and burying him without any assistance whatsoever. In all this time, no one in either the Government or the opposition has ever responded to our pleas for help. Their silence and indifference merely facilitated Barak's efforts to keep Jonathan buried alive. There are no clean hands in Israel when it comes to Jonathan Pollard.

At least now, the truth is clear for all to see. It was tedious to keep hearing the spin that "Clinton really wants to free Jonathan ... just wait, when he leaves office he will do it." This was the way that the American Jewish leaders comforted themselves, and rationalized giving their votes and their money to the Clintons and to the Democrats in general. This was the way the Israeli Government spun it to keep efforts for Jonathan to a minimum.To repay their kindness (read "foolishness") Bill Clinton showed his contempt for Israel and the Jewish community one more time as he left office.

Again, we were not surprised by the blow, but it still hurts a lot to know that once again we will not be going home together...not now.

We are so very worn out. But we will continue to fight for truth and justice. With G-d's help we shall prevail in spite of the indifference of the Government of Israel, and in spite of the enemies of truth.

Jonathan and I send our love,


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