Document: Letter from Jonathan Pollard to PM elect Sharon

Aaron Lerner - IMRA - February 7, 2001

IMRA has obtained a copy of the following letter faxed today to PM elect Sharon. Jonathan Pollard is suffering now from a very serious illness. He is not receiving adequate medical attention and his health is deteriorating.

IMRA understands that there are indications from President Bush that he would favorably consider an Israeli request today from Sharon for the release of Pollard.

The following is the complete text of Jonathan Pollard's Letter to PM Sharon:


To: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Date: February 7, 2001

No. of Pages (incl. this one) 2

From: Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
FCI Butner
POB 1000
Butner North Carolina
USA 27509-1000

Dear Prime Minister Sharon,

Esther joins me in wishing you Mazal Tov on your victory! May the G-d of Israel strengthen you and guide you in restoring honor and dignity to to the Nation of Israel and to the office of Prime Minister.

The people of Israel were recently horrified to learn that former Prime Minister Barak and top Israeli officials threw their full weight into an intense lobbying effort to secure an American Presidential pardon for Marc Rich - a wealthy tax cheat, a fugitive from justice, a man who never spent a minute in prison.

It is Israel's badge of shame that the full support of the Government of Israel and the MOSSAD was given to Rich for money, but the fate of a long-abandoned Israeli agent was clearly of no concern. In the 16 years that I have been in prison for my activities on behalf of Israel, no comparable effort was ever made - publicly or privately - to secure my release, the release of an Israeli agent.

Mr. Prime Minister, if you want to regain the confidence of the people of Israel and her soldiers, bring me home now. Put an end to the lingering question that some of Israel's soldiers are more deserving of rescue than others. Only when there is no longer a Jonathan Pollard rotting in an American prison after 16 years, will the Israeli people be assured that the State will rescue all of her soldiers if they are taken captive - even if they do not have millions of dollars for payoffs.

Mr. Prime Minister, it is a matter of national honor to collect on the commitment for my release that you obtained at the Wye Summit from the President of the United States. When the President publicly reneged on his commitment to release me, you alone were prepared to leave Wye without signing the accords. Because of your tough position, a private deal was negotiated according to which, once Israel paid the price for my release, I would go free in a "parallel gesture" by the US. Israel kept its end of the bargain, but former Prime Minister Ehud Barak chose not to collect on my release. Now, it is up to you to keep faith with me and all those who serve the State by securing my release without further delay.

Prime Minister Sharon, there are those in Israel who do not have the backbone to demand that the US keep its promise to release me. Let them look at my new legal case, recently filed in the United States, which documents a travesty of justice that has gone unchallenged for 16 years. I was sentenced on the basis of false allegations and lies, without benefit of trial. My Israeli-paid American attorneys cooperated with the American government in depriving me of my most basic constitutional rights, including the right to a direct appeal of the life sentence which I received in complete violation of a plea agreement that I had entered into with the US.

In other words, Mr. Prime Minister, whether because of the gross miscarriage of justice that I've endured at the hands of the American Justice Department, or whether because a solemn commitment was made by a US President as an integral part of the Wye Accords, the United States owes Israel my release.

Mr. Prime Minister, for the first time since my arrest, you have it in your power to rectify a great injustice in which Israel has been complicit for 16 years. I urge you Mr. Prime Minister, do not delay. Bring me home now.

With blessings and love of Israel,

Jonathan Pollard