Is Lieberman A Model of Moral Conduct?

Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA's Weekly Commentary (excerpt), August 10, 2000

I do not plan to comment directly on Senator Joseph Lieberman's candidacy for vice president. It would be only proper, however, to note that while Lieberman is being marketed for his high moral conduct, his role in the Pollard Affair indicates anything but that.

Lieberman's strong anti-Pollard stand has been used by Hillary Clinton and others to justify their own positions on the case. Senator Lieberman took this stand on the basis of an intelligence briefing he received regarding the Pollard file. Lieberman never saw the file himself.

Since then, another senator, Senator Charles Schumer, saw the actual file and it turns out that Lieberman was deceived.

While Lieberman's briefers assured the good senator that the file was chock-a-block with information that would justify locking up Pollard forever, Senator Schumer found no such shocking evidence in the Pollard file.

What would someone under those circumstances do, who has a commitment to high moral values - even if honoring such a commitment may jeopardize their own career plans?

Suffice it to say that Senator Lieberman has opted to remain silent.

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