Bar Illan Confirms Clinton Betrayal
As Barak Fails to Act on Behalf of Pollard

Sources: IMRA and others - July 21, 1999

Netanyahu advisor David Bar Illan stated in a recent interview, that at the time of the Wye accord, Netanyahu secured Clinton's agreement to free Jonathan Pollard, the former U.S. naval intelligence analyst who is serving a life sentence for spying for Israel. Israel said at the time that in exchange it had dropped its demand for the arrest of Ghazi Jabali, the Gaza Strip police chief, and had agreed to release additional Palestinian prisoners. Netanyahu nearly walked cut on the Wye agreement over the issue, and Clinton agreed to review the case. "The president has not received the report" from White House counsel Charles Ruff and "made no commitments with regard to it," said Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger.

Source: JTA, July 21, 1999
...Barak had a few gestures for the president. In addition to praising his leadership on the Kosovo crisis, he intercepted a question for Clinton on Jonathan Pollard at a joint news conference Monday. Taking the pressure off of Clinton to respond, Barak said, "I clearly want to see Jonathan Pollard released, but I am of the position that any public discussion of this issue doesn't push forward the purpose of having him released. For many reasons, this is a subject that should be dealt with not in public but at most between the leaders of the two nations," Barak said. During his meeting with Clinton, according to national security adviser, Sandy Berger, Barak has raised the Pollard issue and suggested separating the fate of Pollard from the peace process. [See Larry Dub letter to Barak.]

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