Video: Gangsta Rapper SHYNE's Press Conference in a Pollard T-Shirt

Justice4JPnews - December 29, 2010

In a personal letter to Jonathan Pollard, gangsta rapper and rising star SHYNE (aka Moshe Levy Ben David) recently wrote:

"Dear Jonathan, It is an honor to write to you. I definitely admire your super-human determination to exist with strength and fire despite the unimaginable burden you've been given... Life on Earth is a prelude to Eternity. Until Eternity count me as another general in the army fighting for your freedom."

At a recent press conference at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem with local and foreign media in attendance, SHYNE shed his traditional Chassidic garb and donned a We-Want-Pollard-Home t-shirt to make his point.

The odd thing (the elephant in the room) is how the media apparently asked SHYNE about everything but the t-shirt he is wearing!

Click here to see the video of SHYNE's Press Conference at the King David Hotel and the snappy Pollard t-shirt he is wearing!

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