'Since Pollard Betrayed, Israeli Captives Return Dead'

IsraelNN.com - Sept. 6, 2009

Moshe Feiglin, head of the Jewish leadership faction in the ruling Likud party, has slammed the Israeli government's inaction regarding efforts to free Jonathan Pollard. In a statement to the press, Feiglin said that "the State of Israel has consistently betrayed its agent" and "has never officially requested his release from prison."

Feiglin also insinuated that the lack of effort to free Pollard may have had negative repercussions on freeing other Israeli captives. "Since Israel betrayed Pollard 24 years ago, not one Israeli soldier has returned home alive from captivity. Israel's lack of values in the Pollard affair has brought it to a low point from which it can no longer protect its soldiers, who daily risk their lives for their country."

Feiglin made the comments in response to the National Ombudsmans' recent report concering the Israeli government's efforts to free Pollard. Pollard's lawyers slammed the report saying it was a cover up.

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