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The Supreme Court of Israel has Jonathan Pollard's blood on its hands

Responding to Rejection of Pollard Petition by High Court of Justice

Justice4JP Release - June 8, 2006

Speaking to Kol Yisrael Radio this morning in Hebrew, responding to rejection of Jonathan Pollard 's latest petition by High Court of Justice, Esther Pollard made the following remarks:

The Supreme Court of Israel had the opportunity to be part of the solution, to save the life of an Israeli agent languishing in prison for 21 years for saving the lives of Israeli citizens. Instead, the Supreme Court chose to duck its responsibility and to endorse the Government's 21-year-long abandonment of an agent.

All the petition asked the Supreme Court to do was to compel the Government to fulfill its obligations to an Israeli agent in peril. Every petition that Jonathan has filed in Israel's Supreme Court over the last 2 decades has been towards one goal only: to compel the Government of Israel to stop the lies and to finally discharge its responsibility towards Jonathan, to do whatever needs to be done to bring him home. Time is running out, hence the urgency of this latest petition.

In this particular case we asked the Supreme Court to compel the Government to act upon a commitment made by the United States and memorialized in the Eban Commission Report (1987) not to use the documents Israel returned to the US to prosecute Jonathan Pollard. Without Israel's return of these documents the US did not have a case against Jonathan.

The US immediately violated its commitment and used the documents Israel provided to convict Jonathan and to impose a life sentence upon him. Israel did not protest. Not then and not for the next 21years. Israel did not even tell Jonathan about this commitment so that he could use it in his legal defense. Jonathan did not find out about the commitment at all until the year 2000 when the late Rechavam Ze'evi z"l secured a copy of the Eban Commission Report for him.

After 21 years of some of the worst treatment and harshest afflictions that the US penal system can mete out, Jonathan's situation is delicate. Every day that he survives in prison is a complete miracle. The Supreme Court of Israel chose to turn its back at this critical juncture in time and to foist the responsibility back to a Government that has abandoned and betrayed Jonathan for two decades without relief. The Supreme Court of Israel has blood on its hands -- the blood of Jonathan Pollard on its hands.

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