UPDATE: Pollard's List Lauds Caroline Glick!

Justice4JP Release - June 28, 2005 [Original List published January 20, 2004]

Current status:

In the year and a half since Pollard's List was first published - to encourage those writers and high profile personalities who have the ability to speak out about the injustice of this case to do so - there has been one notable and praiseworthy change, the removal of the name of Caroline Glick and our profound thanks to her for her outstanding contribution to this case. Her work on the case has enriched Hebrew readers of Makor Rishon, English Readers of the Jerusalem Post and listeners of Arutz7 Radio.

Ms. Glick's informative and erudite essays and comments are available on the J4JP website as follows:

Other than the laudable model set by Ms Glick, there is no change to the original list of journalists and international personalities (who routinely write social and political commentary for the international media on a host of issues) but continue to remain silent about the injustice of the Pollard case and the unfairness of his continued incarceration. Jonathan Pollard is completing his 20th year of a life sentence for his service to Israel's security. There is no end in sight to his unprecedented life sentence.

Several promises of intention to write about the injustice of the Pollard case were made to J4JP when Pollard's List was first published a year and a half ago, but of them, not a single one has been fulfilled. Not even by one who made her failure to write part of her online Jewish New Year confessions and resolutions. In at least two cases, insincere gestures have been made to appease the writers' own fans. However, recirculating J4JP's published material to a personal email list, or writing a comment in a personal online blog, when the writers have regular columns in internationally published newspapers, doesn't count. Such tactics may appease the journalist's own email list readers, but no one else is fooled by the lack of commitment and failure to publish in a newspaper of record.

We are delighted to have one prominent name dropped from the list this year, Ms. Caroline Glick, and hope that others will follow her lead. To reiterate what it reflects: the more prominent names on the list have, as a rule, studiously avoided writing anything at all on the case for the last 2 decades. A mere handful have written about the case - but that was years ago - and they have been silent ever since. Again, personal blogs and recirculation of J4JP material to a private email lists are great if done by the average person, but when this is the sole contribution by recognized journalists with international coverage, who are they kidding?

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