Pollard's List

Justice4JP Release - Released January 20, 2004

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Today the injustice of the Pollard case is conventional wisdom. New revelations in the case have established the truth unequivocally, just as it was first identified by Appeals Court Judge Stephen Williams more than a decade ago: Jonathan Pollard is the victim of a blatant miscarriage of justice.

And yet, in spite of this, virtually all of the most influential voices in America and Israel remain silent. Even as evidence continues to mount of government misconduct and a shocking violation of Jonathan's due process rights, opinion-makers, journalists and editors maintain a virtual conspiracy of silence.

The American Administration does not take their silence as a sign of neutrality or indifference, but as tacit approval of the grossly disproportionate sentence meted out to Jonathan Pollard. Their silence virtually assures the Government that it can continue to persecute Jonathan Pollard with impunity.

Their stubborn silence is all the more troubling since the Pollard case is not just about one man. It is about equal justice for all Americans, and fair treatment of Israel as an ally. It has implications for Israel and for American minorities - especially the Jewish community, which transcend the fate of one man.

It may be that no single voice can change the course of a travesty of justice in which the Government has held so tight a rein for nearly two decades; but there is little doubt that the collective voice of leading American and Israeli opinion-makers would be impossible to ignore.

In an attempt to penetrate the wall of silence, J4JP is undertaking to publish Pollard's List. This is a compilation of the names of well respected writers, opinion makers and editors who routinely have a great deal to say about Israel and Jewish issues, about justice and fair play - and nothing about Jonathan Pollard. The more prominent names have, as a rule, studiously avoided writing anything at all on the case for the last two decades. A mere handful have written about the case - but that was years ago- and they have been silent ever since.

What do we hope to accomplish by compiling this list?

For nearly two decades, we have been privately reaching out to prominent persons, journalists and opinion-makers, sharing information and new developments, desperately seeking their help. But to no avail. It is our hope that by raising consciousness about this conspiracy of silence and the damage it is doing to Jonathan Pollard and to the Jewish People that they will search their hearts, heed their consciences, and find their voice.

In the year 2004, all of the old excuses for refusal to speak out about the Pollard issue no longer exist. What does exist instead is a wealth of information which shows unequivocally that Jonathan Pollard is serving an unjust and grossly disproportionate sentence; that his sentence was obtained in violation of his constitutional rights; that it was the result of a plea agreement which Jonathan honored and the US government abrogated; that the US Government (which armed Iraq and was furious at Pollard for blowing the whistle) continues to hide its malfeasance behind a veil of secrecy; that the US continues to deny Pollard's security-cleared attorneys access to the classified portions of his record while sharing them freely with those who oppose clemency; and that the US government routinely subverts every effort to get Pollard's case back into court.

The new information also clearly shows:

These reasons alone should banish any fear of speaking out in support of Jonathan Pollard. Silence in the face of such injustice is tantamount to complicity. Or as Sir Edmund Burke observed: All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent.

Here is Pollard's list of those who have it in their power to right a grave wrong, if only they have the will... J4JP urges each one to speak out and put an end to the conspiracy of silence that has plagued the Pollard case for nearly two decades.

Pollard's List

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  1. A.B. Yehoshua
  2. A.M. Rosenthal
  3. Aaron Brown
  4. Akiva Eldar
  5. Alan Colmes
  6. Alan Dershowitz
  7. Alan Keyes
  8. Amiel Ungar
  9. Amir Oren
  10. Amnon Lord
  11. Amos Elon
  12. Amos Oz
  13. Amos Perlmutter
  14. Amotz Asa-El
  15. Amram Mitzna
  16. Andrea Levin
  17. Andrew Ferguson
  18. Anne Roiphe
  19. Ari L. Goldman
  20. Arieh O'Sullivan
  21. Arnold Eisen
  22. Arnold Rachlis
  23. Arthur Green
  24. Arthur Waskow
  25. Aviezer Ravitsky
  26. Avraham Burg
  27. Barbara Amiel
  28. Barry Rubin
  29. Ben Caspit
  30. Benjamin Balint
  31. Bernard Lewis
  32. Binyamin Jolkovsky
  33. Blu Greenberg
  34. Bobby Brown
  35. Bradley Shavit Artson
  36. Bret Stephens
  37. Brit Hume
  38. Bruce Afran
  39. Bruce Fein
  40. Burt Jacobsen
  41. Cal Thomas
  42. Chaim Seidler
  43. Charles Burak
  44. Charles Derber
  45. Charles Krauthammer
  46. Chemi Shalev
  47. Christopher Caldwell
  48. Colin Greer
  49. Conrad Black
  50. Cynthia Ozik
  51. Dan Abrams
  52. Dan Cohen Sherbok
  53. Dan Izenberg
  54. Daniel Doron
  55. Daniel Landes
  56. Daniel Matt
  57. Daniel Pipes
  58. Daniel Shore
  59. David B. Fischer
  60. David Biale
  61. David Frum
  62. David Gelernter
  63. David Gordis
  64. David Grossman
  65. David Horovitz
  66. David Klinghoffer
  67. David Kretzmer
  68. David Liba'i
  69. David Remnick
  70. David Tell
  71. David Twersky
  72. Debra Nussbaum Cohen
  73. Dennis Prager
  74. Don Feder
  75. Dore Gold
  76. Douglas Feith
  77. Dov Hikind
  78. Dr. Arnold Soloway
  79. Dr. Steven Windmueller
  80. Ed Koch
  81. Ed MacAteer
  82. Edgar Bronfman
  83. Edward Alexander
  84. Edward J. Epstein
  85. Efraim HaLevy
  86. Efraim Inbar
  87. Ehud Olmert
  88. Ehud Yaari
  89. Eitan Haber
  90. Eli Wohlgelernter
  91. Elie Wiesel
  92. Eliyakim Rubinstein
  93. Elliot Abrams
  94. Elliot Dorff
  95. Ephraim Margolin
  96. Eric Roseman
  97. Eric Silver
  98. Erik Schechter
  99. Evelyn Gordon
  100. Faye Kellerman
  101. Francine Klagsburn
  102. Frank Dimant
  103. Frank J. Gaffney
  104. Fred Barnes
  105. Fuad Ajami
  106. Gar Alperovitz
  107. Gary Rosen
  108. Gary Rosenblatt
  109. Gayil Hareven
  110. George F. Will
  111. George Melloan
  112. Gerald Serotta
  113. Gerald Steinberg
  114. Gershom Gorenberg
  115. Gil Troy
  116. Gordon Crovitz
  117. Gordon Fellman
  118. Heather Booth
  119. Henry Kissinger
  120. Henry Seigman
  121. Herman Wouk
  122. Hillel Halkin
  123. Hillel Kuttler
  124. Hirsh Goodman
  125. Howard Sachar
  126. Howard Schwartz
  127. Howard Shapiro
  128. Idith Zertal
  129. Ilana Pardes
  130. Ina Friedman
  131. Ira Rifkin
  132. Irwin M.Stelzer
  133. Isaac Herzog
  134. Isi Liebler
  135. Itamar Eichner
  136. J.J. Goldberg
  137. Jack Kemp
  138. Jack Wertheimer
  139. Jackie Mason
  140. James Merritt
  141. James Ponet
  142. James Woolsey
  143. Jay Cantor
  144. Jeanne Kirkpatrick
  145. Jeff Jacoby
  146. Jerome J. Shestack
  147. Jerry Falwell
  148. Jo Milgrom
  149. Joel S. Kaplan
  150. John Felstiner
  151. John Leo
  152. John Podhoretz
  153. Jonah Goldberg
  154. Jonathan Kellerman
  155. Jonathan Rosenblatt
  156. Jonathan Tobin
  157. Josef Joffe
  158. Joseph Epstein
  159. Joseph Lieberman
  160. Joseph Telushkin
  161. Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto
  162. Judge Jerome Hornblass
  163. Judge Ruth Gavison
  164. Judith Colp Rubin
  165. Judith Gelerenter
  166. Judith Plaskow
  167. Judy Maltz
  168. Juhuda Reinharz
  169. Kenneth Timmerman
  170. Lally Weymouth
  171. Larry King
  172. Laura Geller
  173. Lawrence Korb
  174. Lawrence Kulak
  175. Lenny Ben David
  176. Leon Wieseltier
  177. Leonard Fein
  178. Leonard Garment
  179. Leslie Epstein
  180. Leslie Gelb
  181. Leslie Susser
  182. Letty Cottin Pogrebin
  183. Lily Galili
  184. Linda Chavez
  185. Louis Rene Beres
  186. Malcolm Hoenlein
  187. Malvena Halberstam
  188. Mark H. Ellis
  189. Mark LeVine
  190. Mark Steyn
  191. Martin Peretz
  192. Marvin Kalb
  193. Max Boot
  194. Micha Odenheimer
  195. Michael Bader
  196. Michael Bar Zohar
  197. Michael Berenbaum
  198. Michael Freund
  199. Michael Lerner
  200. Michael Medved
  201. Michael Sandel
  202. Michael Tomasky
  203. Mitchell G. Bard
  204. Mona Charen
  205. Morris Amitai
  206. Morton B. Zuckerman
  207. Morton Klein
  208. Morton Kondrake
  209. Moshe Arens
  210. Moshe Negbi
  211. Nachum Barnea
  212. Nadav Shragai
  213. Naomi Ragen
  214. Naomi Wolf
  215. Nat Fink Gefen
  216. Nat Hentoff
  217. Nat Lewin
  218. Neal Kodozoy
  219. Neal Sher
  220. Neil Altman
  221. Neil Lochery
  222. Netty C. Gross
  223. Nina Gilbert
  224. Nina Totenberg
  225. Noach Dear
  226. Noemie Emery
  227. Norm Coleman
  228. Norman Podhoretz
  229. Pat Robertson
  230. Paul Alexander
  231. Paul Greenberg
  232. Paul Johnson
  233. Peter Gabriel
  234. Rabbi Abraham Cooper
  235. Rabbi Abraham Foxman
  236. Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
  237. Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg
  238. Rabbi Avi Shafran
  239. Rabbi Avraham Weiss
  240. Rabbi Berl Wein
  241. Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  242. Rabbi David Hartman
  243. Rabbi David Saperstein
  244. Rabbi Dr. J. I Shochet
  245. Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie
  246. Rabbi Ezriel Tauber
  247. Rabbi Harold S. Kushner
  248. Rabbi Hillel Goldberg
  249. Rabbi Irving 'Yitz' Greenberg
  250. Rabbi Ismar Schorsch
  251. Rabbi Israel Singer
  252. Rabbi Jacob Neusner
  253. Rabbi Joe Potasnik
  254. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
  255. Rabbi Marvin Hier
  256. Rabbi Maurice Lamm
  257. Rabbi Shalom Gold
  258. Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
  259. Rabbi Shmuel Bloom
  260. Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
  261. Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinrib
  262. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
  263. Rachel Adler
  264. Rachel Z. Friedman
  265. Rael Jeanne Isaac
  266. Rafael Medoff
  267. Rami Shapiro
  268. Raoul Felder
  269. Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
  270. Reuven Kimelman
  271. Richard Chesnoff
  272. Richard Cohen
  273. Richard Heideman
  274. Richard Perle
  275. Robert Abrams
  276. Robert Bork
  277. Robert Kagan
  278. Robert Pinsky
  279. Ron Silver
  280. Ronald Lauder
  281. Rudolph Guiliani
  282. Ruel Marc Gerecht
  283. Ruth Messinger
  284. Ruth Wisse
  285. Sali Merridor
  286. Sarah Honig
  287. Saul Friedlander
  288. Saul Singer
  289. Sean Hannity
  290. Seth Liebsohn
  291. Seth Lipsky
  292. Shabtai Shavit
  293. Sheldon Teitelbaum
  294. Shimon Apisdorf
  295. Shimon Shiffer
  296. Shira Bessin Herzog
  297. Shlomo Avineri
  298. Shmuel Katz
  299. Sidra Ezrahi
  300. Stanley Sheinbaum
  301. Steve Bloomberg
  302. Steve Wasserman
  303. Steven Plaut
  304. Stew Albert
  305. Stuart Schoffman
  306. Sue Fishkoff
  307. Susan Sontag
  308. Susannah Heschel
  309. Theodore B. Olson
  310. Thomas Friedman
  311. Tod Lindberg
  312. Tom Segev
  313. Tom Tugend
  314. Tommy Baer
  315. Tucker Carlson
  316. Tzvi Marx
  317. Uri Avnery
  318. Uri Simon
  319. Uzi Landau
  320. Victor David Hanson
  321. Vince Beiser
  322. Walter Shapiro
  323. William J. Bennett
  324. William Kristol
  325. William Safire
  326. William Stevenson
  327. Wolf Blitzer
  328. Yaacov Ne'eman
  329. Yehuda Harel
  330. Yigal Schleifer
  331. Yoel Marcus
  332. Yonah Alexander
  333. Yosi Alpher
  334. Yossi Klein HaLevi
  335. Zalman Schacter-Shalomi
  336. Zev Chafetz

    And many, many more.

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