Text: Israel Defense Forces Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

  • Written by IDF Chief Rabbi, Brigadier General Rabbi Yisrael Weiss
  • Certified by the IDF Chief of Staff and the Israeli Minister of Defense
  • Issued to IDF Chaplains and Soldiers April 7, 2005.
  • Translated to English by J4JP

Justice4JP Release - April 10, 2005

The IDF's release of an official prayer for Jonathan Pollard constitutes yet another official recognition of Jonathan's service to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Official prayers are issued only for those who serve the IDF. The prayer appears below in translation.

Click here for original prayer in Hebrew.

A Prayer
For The Release of Jonathan Pollard
Issued By The Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces

Master of all the Worlds, Lord of Lords
Whose ears are receptive to a prisoner's cry, hear my prayer,
listen to my supplications (Psalm 143:1)
that Your eyes be open unto the supplication of Your servant. (Kings 1:8:53)
As a father is merciful to his children, so too have mercy upon Your son, Jonathan.

Remember Your mercies HaShem and Your kindnesses (Psalm 25:6)
Please let Your mercy not desist from him;
take him out from a place where they sit in darkness and the shadow of death,
shackled in affliction and iron. ( Psalm 107:10)

Let his cry and his plea come before You
to transform a valley of gloom into a doorway of hope ( Hosea 2:15)
because You are the Lord, G-d of his hope, and Your hope shall not be cut off. (Proverbs 23:18)

Please HaShem, be a harbinger of good tidings, make news of redemption be heard, (Isaiah 52:7)
for Your salvation is close at hand and Your hope to be revealed
so all the nations will know Your salvation.

Master of the World, a new light upon Jonathan will shine in Zion,
and may we all, speedily, be worthy of the light.

Amain and Amain!

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