Text: Jonathan Pollard's Speech at 100 Cities Protest Rally

Justice4JP Release - Thursday, October 14, 2004

Jonathan Pollard was a featured speaker at the 100 Cities Protest Rally (against disengagement) which took place in 100 cities of Israel today. He relayed a message from his prison cell in Butner, North Carolina to the People of Israel.

At the anchor site of the 100 Cities rally in Jerusalem, Jonathan's image was projected onto a gigantic video screen and his message in Hebrew was read aloud. The English translation of Jonathan's message follows below:

L'chvod Acheinu HaYikarim, Kol Beit Yisrael - To our Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Whole House of Israel:

Shalom uVracha! Peace and Blessing!

Throughout our long history as a People, we have been blessed with great leaders who arose during times of dire need. These leaders were not politicians, they were rabbis and sages. Devoted Jews willingly followed them into battle for the sake of The Land.

The legacy of these heroes lives on to this day. Their self-sacrifice and devotion to The Land is our model and our constant source of inspiration. I would like to share with you the words of one such historic Jewish hero, Shimon HaMaccabee. He made the definitive statement that remains our credo to this very day. He said:

"We have not occupied a foreign land.
We have not ruled over the property of a foreign people.
But we have returned to the inheritance of our forefathers,
- that which had been captured unjustly.
And when G-d gave us the opportunity,
we restored it to our People."

My brothers and sisters, heed well the words of Shimon HaMaccabee! This Land is OURS! No one, has the right to disengage The People of Israel from any part of The Land of Israel! Those who attempt to uproot us, are those who despise Jewish sovereignty over The Land. Deep in their hearts they know that true Jewish sovereignty in The Land effectively reaffirms G-d's sovereignty over The Land.

More than the supporters of disengagement contend with us, they contend with G-d. More than they want to dispossess us, they want to dispossess the Ruler of the World. More than they want to destroy our homes and communities, they want to uproot Torah from The Land. More than they want to destroy our schools, synagogues and yeshivas, they want to destroy our Faith, Trust and Reliance on the G-d of Israel.

Make no mistake. This is not an ideological battle. This is not a political struggle. This is not a fight over borders or fences. This is an existential war to determine who will rule over The Land and People of Israel, G-d or man.

The battles being fought for the territorial integrity of The Land of Israel are G-d's wars. And we are all soldiers - each of us in hisown way and according to his own strength. No one is exempt. All of Israel are guarantors for each other. If one Jew is in trouble, we are all in trouble. If one Jew is in danger, we are all in danger. If one Jew is at risk we are all at risk. We are all in the same situation.

It is true that I am in exile and sitting behind bars. But you, my brothers and sisters, are prisoners too. We have all been abandoned. We have all been betrayed. Just as I was thrown out of the Embassy and into a pit, you are facing a similar fate. We must unite as a People and do what is right. Unity is our strength. When all Israel unites, G-d Himself leads us and His blessing is upon us. There is nothing to fear, except G-d.

Never never forget: through 2000 years of exile, we longed for our Land. This is our inheritance, a divine gift from the Sovereign Ruler of the World. Now we have returned. We are not leaving!

May G-d guide our words, deeds and actions in the struggle to protect and defend ALL of the Land and ALL of the People of Israel. May we be judged worthy of this holy task!

Be strong, my brothers and sisters. Be united. Trust in G-d and Hope in Him. May our deeds and prayers bring success and redemption for ALL of Israel, speedily in our day!
And May HaShem return me speedily home to you, very very soon! Amain!

With love and blessing, from your brother,

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