The British Campaign For Pollard and Other Unauthorized Sources

J4JP Release - April 6, 2003

A recent release (04/06/03) by an organization calling itself "The British Campaign For The Release of Jonathan Pollard" is inaccurate and unauthorized.

Contrary to the impression created by this statement, the group does not coordinate its efforts with Jonathan Pollard and his attorneys. In fact, J4JP has no idea who this group is or whether it is even a group!

J4JP reminds readers that only persons authorized to speak on behalf of Jonathan Pollard are his wife Esther and his attorneys. The only organization authorized to release information on the Pollard case - and the only one that can be depended upon for accuracy- is Justice for Jonathan Pollard (J4JP) based in Toronto. There are no affiliated J4JP chapters in other U.S. cities or abroad. J4JP does no fundraising.

While J4JP does encourage recirculation of its material and releases unedited and unredacted, it does not authorize, the kind of reformatting and reinterpretation of our material that the British Campaign is known for. This simply promotes inaccuracy and may do harm.

J4JP points out that the model for responsible, effective dissemination of J4JP Releases and information on the Pollard case is that set by IMRA and its director Dr. Aaron Lerner. Organizationally, the model of coordination and effective advocacy is that set by The National Council of Young Israel and its Executive V.P. Rabbi Pesach Lerner.

J4JP strongly reminds unauthorized would-be advocates that Jonathan Pollard is still in prison and his legal case is before the American Courts. Whatever is written or said about the case may have a serious impact on Jonathan in prison, or may potentially do harm to his legal case. Those who honestly aim to help Jonathan should coordinate their efforts with J4JP or desist.

If readers have questions or concerns about information that you have received or heard from unauthorized sources, please email us [email protected]

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