A Statement on Fraudulent Fundraising
by Esther and Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - February 13, 2002

Unauthorized individuals, speaking on the Pollard case, may be misleading supporters into contributing funds for Jonathan Pollard or for a "defense fund." These funds are being solicited under false pretenses. Jonathan Pollard does not benefit in any way from such solicitations. Neither he nor his legal team has any awareness of where these monies are being directed, or to what ends they are being put. A statement by Esther and Jonathan Pollard follows:

We feel it is our duty to caution the public about speakers on the Pollard case who fundraise on behalf of Jonathan Pollard or who claim that the money is to be used for his defense fund, no matter how credible such persons may appear.

We wish to make it clear that, in spite of our distressed financial situation, we do not do any fundraising nor do we endorse any organized fundraising on our behalf, or in our name.

We want to state unequivocally that we do not receive, nor have we ever received, funds from any individuals publicly speaking on the case who solicit funds on Jonathan's behalf.

We also do not receive any funds from the Government of Israel or from any Jewish community organization in America.

We would like to point out that Jonathan does not have a defense fund. Any solicitation for that purpose is fraudulent. Jonathan's attorneys, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman in the U.S. and Larry Dub and Baruch Ben-Yosef in Jerusalem, provide their services pro bono.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard (J4JP) - the only organization under our direction - does no fundraising and does not endorse any organized fundraising on our behalf. The Toronto Zionist Council, under whose auspices the Justice4JP office operates, likewise does not fundraise for us.

The National Council of Young Israel under the supervision of Rabbi Pesach Lerner, which works closely with Justice4JP, does not fund Jonathan nor does it fundraise for us.

The NCYI, on occasion, acts as a facilitator for individuals who wish to assist Jonathan to buy kosher food. To that end, the NCYI will accept private contributions earmarked for Jonathan's cantina. Our concerns about fraudulent fundraising do not apply in any respect to the honest agency of the NCYI.

When in doubt, or if there are any questions on this or other matters related to the Jonathan Pollard case, please email us at justice4jp@gmail.com or contact our Toronto office, phone 416-781-3571 and fax 416-781-3166.

Esther and Jonathan Pollard

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