Letter From Nancy Luque Esq. to Amnon Dror

June 26, 1995

Web Posted April 11, 2000

Justice4JP Introduction:

Within days of receiving the Weintraub Report on Parole which advised against seeking parole for Jonathan Pollard, Nancy Luque Esq., (the US attorney hired by the Government of Israel), wrote the following letter to Amnon Dror, (head of the Committee which had been secretly appointed by the Government to "manage" the Pollard case).

The Weintraub Report cautioned that if Jonathan Pollard were turned down for parole, he would likely be doomed to wait 15 more years before he could try again. In spite of the Weintraub warning, and in spite of the experts' recommendation that a political solution be sought instead, both Dror and Luque continued to vigorously advocate the parole track. They feared that a political solution would embarrass the Government of Israel by forcing it to admit responsibility for the Pollard affair - something it had denied since the inception of the case.

In her letter to Dror, Luque never suggests that the Government officially recognize Jonathan or accept responsibility for him, but she does ask for some "official" initiative to be made by the Government. Parroting Weintraub, she states that unless seeking Jonathan's release becomes "official" Israeli Government policy, he is likely to remain in prison for another 15 years. The letter follows:


Amnon Dror
16 Kremye
Tel Aviv, Israel
June 26, 1995

Re: Jonathan Pollard

Dear Amnon:

I write as a friend. As you are already aware, after working for almost ten months on this matter, I have reached the point where I feel as though the government of Israel truly has abandoned Jonathan. Although time is very short, there is no sense of urgency in the efforts of the government, and I still have no answers to most of my requests.

On Tuesday June 20, I met with the Ambassador. Unfortunately, it is clear that he views the situation as hopeless. He has said he will do more. He raised various objections to my hiring the gentleman with whom you met when you were here, and he seemed to believe that nothing he can do will help. When people believe that something cannot be done, it will not be done. Thus, I believe his help will not have value.

Please tell the Prime Minister that the situation is urgent and that because there is a strong possibility that we can accomplish Jonathan's release we should proceed full stop. Why? I am losing what little editorial control I have over my client. He has heard "later" too many times. He feels despair, rotting in prison, and will I fear make accusations. Once he does, we are lost.

If we are resolved, persistent and united, we can accomplish Jonathan's release. Israel must put all of its weight behind this matter for the next few months. They must make their position "official." If they do not, Jonathan will be there for 15 more years. None of these things can or will happen without the government of Israel. The Prime Minister must make crystal clear that it is important to the people of Israel that the government resolve this. He must signal religious and community leaders, Jews and non-Jews in the US, that this should happen now.

If he and the committee are not prepared to do this, the committee will have my resignation. I am not prepared to continue, unless there is some hope of accomplishing the objective.

Nancy Luque

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