Jonathan Pollard: Arrested As An American But Punished As A Jew

Jewish Press - Editorial - March 17, 2000

In our letters section this week, we carry an open letter New York Assemblyman Sam Colman sent to United States Senator Lieberman (D-Conn.) regarding the latter's opposition to freedom for Jonathan Pollard. Lieberman's position has long been known in some quarters in the Jewish community but he has largely escaped comment because he has not been all that vocal about it. He seemed to entertain his view, communicate it to the President, but not try to persuade others in the Jewish community. But Colman's letter reveals that perhaps the Senator from Connecticut's "circumspection" is not the simple thing it was thought to be.

As Assemblyman Colman writes of a recent meeting with Hillary Clinton that he and other New York legislators had, she seemed knowledgeable on the Pollard issue and "understands that he [Pollard] was punished far more severely than any one else was for the same or similar crime." Colman went on to say, "She stated that although she is open-minded on the subject of Jonathan Pollard, she is not taking a position because it is not a one-sided issue and because Senator Lieberman, a Jew, is against his release."

Assemblyman Colman, in requesting that Senator Lieberman explain his position, pointedly captures the Pollard issue for the Jewish Community: "...I feel very strongly that you owe me and the entire Jewish community an explanation... why do you advocate for his remaining in prison? Don't you understand that Pollard was arrested as an American but punished as a Jew?..."

Justice4JP Note:

Senator Lieberman has been anything but "circumspect" with regard to the fate of Jonathan Pollard. Among other tactics, attaching his "Jewish" signature to a highly publicized Senate letter urging the President not to release Jonathan Pollard is as publicly vocal as one can get.

If Senator Lieberman has not visibly lobbied the Jewish community against the release of Jonathan Pollard it is because (a) he has no evidence to publicly support his opposition to Pollard - his claim to have "secret information" is spurious. And (b) why bother lobbying the Jewish community when he has been able to lobby President Clinton personally?

For a better understanding of Senator Lieberman's motive, which is strictly self-serving, see the Justice4JP Note following the Colman letter.

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