July 28, 1999

The Honorable Ned Walker
U.S. Ambassador to Israel
U.S. Embassy, Hayarkon Street
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Re: Jonathan J. Pollard

Dear Ambassador Walker,

May I request a status report regarding my letter of July 9,1999 in which I requested a number of specific clarifications from the American Government in writing?

During our recent meeting, as you will recall, we discussed a number of false charges against my client that have been repeatedly disseminated in the media by government sources that simply do not hold up under scrutiny.

For example, the preposterous allegation that my client delivered virtual rooms full of documents to the Israelis. In point of fact Mr. Ambassador, my client made a total of eleven (11) "drops" to the Israelis, using only a small briefcase.

As you yourself acknowledged, Mr. Ambassador, it is troubling that a relatively small quantity of documents - few enough to be carried in an ordinary briefcase and to be delivered in no more than 11 "drops" - has been blatantly misrepresented by government officials as "rooms full of information" and "hundreds of thousands of documents".

Key issues, such as the volume issue cited above, have been routinely distorted to misrepresent Jonathan Pollard's case to the American public. Official, accurate, on-the-record confirmation of the specific facts of my client's case will set the record straight. In the urgent interests of equal justice, an immediate response is requested.

Very truly yours,
Larry Dub

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