Jerusalem Television Channel 2 on the Schwartz Case

November 23, 1995

Text of report by Israel TV on 23rd November:

A new espionage case in the United States: A lieutenant-colonel serving at a naval intelligence base in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, has been passing top secret information to the Saudi Arabian Authorities for the past two years. The officer, Lt-Col Michael Schwartz, who, despite his name, is not Jewish, was arrested three months ago. The US authorities have been making great efforts in the past few weeks to suppress the matter and keep the affair secret. In the wake of Saudi pressure, it has already been decided to settle for the officer's discharge from the US army. This was reported by our political correspondent Imanuel Rosen.

In reaction, Jonathan Pollard's lawyers said that the lack of symmetry between the sentence meted out to Pollard and the lenient attitude towards Schwartz proves once again that Pollard should be released immediately.

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