Presidential Election 2000

In a recent letter, NY State Assemblyman Sam Colman wrote: "... Pollard was arrested as an American, but sentenced as a Jew."

Jonathan Pollard has now served more than 3 times as long as anyone else charged with a similar offense. But unlike other spies - even those who committed far more serious crimes - there is no prison term long enough to satisfy the relentless and vindictive policy of the CIA, and the Justice, Intelligence and Defense departments towards him.

Aside from the grossly disproportionate sentence that Pollard received, the case is plagued by a long list of judicial inequities including:

The American Jewish "grassroots" cares deeply about securing justice for Jonathan Pollard, and intuitively understands that this case is not only about Pollard, but about equal justice for all Americans and fair treatment of Israel as an ally.

American Jewish leaders however - whose support and money are considered critical in the upcoming presidential elections - have completely failed to make an unequivocal demand for equal justice from the Clinton administration. Similarly they have thus far failed to convey to the presidential candidates that equal justice and judicial fairness are a sine qua non for Jewish support. Their failure to do so ensures that the case will remain a thorn in the side of the Jewish community, and will continue to be used to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally.


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