David Luchins

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Every time David Luchins speaks, no matter where, no matter when, Larry Dub, Jonathan Pollard's attorney, is overwhemed by concerned phone calls and Justice4JP receives a rush of alarmed faxes and emails regarding Luchins' damaging statements.

David Luchins spoke at the Israel Center on Sunday, February 13, 2000 in Jerusalem. Once again we have received a flood of concerned emails, faxes and phone calls about the lies Luchins repeated about Jonathan Pollard at this lecture - such as that Jonathan Pollard is not remorseful, or that if he would only apply for parole he would immediately be released.

Justice4JP has therefore decided to establish a page of articles dealing with the Luchins issue so that the truth will be readily available to those who seek it on the web.

We remind readers that Luchins could not be spreading lies about Jonathan Pollard, deliberately sabotaging the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim, if he were unassisted. Once again, in this most recent case, Jonathan's blood is on the hands of both the Orthodox Union (OU) and the Israel Center who continue - in spite of our pleas - to endorse this man and to give him a platform and a venue from which to spread his venomous lies.

Readers should be aware - again to combat Luchins' lies - that both Jonathan Pollard and Justice for Jonathan Pollard operate under the close supervision of Jonathan Pollard's rav, the honored Rishon Letzion and former Chief Rabbi of Israel, HaRav Mordecai Eliahu. HaRav Eliahu is in constant contact with the Pollards and with their attorney Larry Dub. His advice and blessing is sought on all aspects of the case, and his psak halacha governs Jonathan and Esther Pollard's life.

History is being written. The record will show those who helped and those who harmed. In the meantime, Justice4JP invites those who want to know the truth about Luchins' lies to read the following items.


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