How To Help Jonathan Pollard

Here are some suggestions that you can do as an individual or as a group.

Remember: Heaven only asks that each of us do exactly as much as we can, no more and no less. No matter how small or insignificant your own effort may seem to you, every effort is counted in Heaven, and the sum of our efforts to combat the lies and bring the truth to light is what counts.

Caution: Before beginning any advocacy work on behalf of Jonathan Pollard please read very carefully the Facts of the Pollard Case Page. It has been updated to clarify some of the more complex issues of the case. (Be sure to print out extra copies of the Facts page to hand out as needed.)


  1. Daven (pray).

    Make sure that prayers for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard (Yehonatan ben Malka) is a regular part of your communal prayers and your own. Pray for Jonathan Pollard's swift return to Israel and his reunion with his wife Esther (Esther Yocheved Bas Rayzl Bracha).

  2. Write to your Congressman and Senator.

    Write to ALL Congressmen and Senators. Send them the facts of the case.

    Insist that legislators publicly correct erroneous public statements for which they are responsible. (Email Links and fax numbers for Congressmen and Senators are the Send A Message For Pollard Page.)

  3. In Israel, fax and email the Prime Minister.

    Pollard can't be put on a back burner again. Words are not enough. Now is the time to act.

  4. Write to the U.S. President

    The link above contains sample text you can use in your letter.

  5. Inundate Jewish organizations with phone calls faxes and letters of protest regarding their indolence and lack of action.

    The Conference's long discussed plan to send yet another letter to the President is simply too little too late.

  6. Insist that all Jewish Organizations publicly protest the current smear campaign against Jonathan.

    It is in essence a modern-day blood libel against Israel and the American Jewish community. Jewish Organizations have a duty to take out ads in all the major American news papers (like they do for every other issue large or small, Jewish or not) not only to protest but also to educate the American people as to the true facts of the case. Insist on it!

  7. Promote our website.

    Please spread the word about this website. Be sure to emphasize that this is the only website on the Pollard case authorized by Jonathan and Esther Pollard. If you run a website, please include a link to the J4JP site. Encourage other websites to do the same.

  8. Do whatever it is that you do best.

    Write. Call. Protest. Badger others who are in a position to do something larger, or professional (like publishing or lobbying). Each of us knows what it is that can be our unique contribution to this battle for truth and justice. Do it!


For further information, please contact us.

For U.S. and Israeli government contact information (phone/fax/email), see Send A Message For Pollard.

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