Answers To Pressing Questions About Jonathan Pollard
that have been raised by disinformation in the media

All the information needed to counter the false charges being leveled at Jonathan Pollard and to reveal the politically-driven media smear campaign being waged against him is on this web site.

Belows is a guide to using this site to formulate a comprehensive understanding of the case which counters and disproves the screed in the media.

Before beginning to explore the guide, bear in mind the following:

As you research and learn the facts, continually ask yourself, what is really going on here? It is far too big, too evil, and too patently false to be merely about one man named Jonathan Pollard.

A Guide to Finding the Answers to Pressing Questions on
The Justice for Jonathan Pollard Web Site

Here is a staged, guided entry into this web site to begin your journey to the real facts of the case. All of the pages recommended below will naturally link to subpages to expand on various facts.

  1. See the Facts Page and all of its sub pages on the web for a grasp of the basic facts. A solid command of the facts will automatically dispel much of the media disinformation.

  2. See the Larry Dub Letters Page. The Dub letters are a snapshot overview of the last 14 years of mistreatment and lack of due process in the Jonathan Pollard case.

  3. See the Hersh Page to grasp how professionally discredited this man is. Remember that the issue is equal justice and the right to due process. The net result of the Seymour Hersh falsehoods and screed is a character assassination of Jonathan Pollard. Of course, none of what Hersh writes about Jonathan Pollard is true; but even if were, in America having a questionable character is not a crime and is not a valid reason to keep someone in prison for the rest of his life!

  4. When you have done all of the above, we recommend the Must-Read Page articles. On the Must-Read page, be sure to review the article Countering CBS Disinformation.
We believe that once you have familiarized yourself with the material on the web, most questions will be readily answered for you.

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