Israeli Knesset Resolution in the U.S. Congressional Record

October 20, 1988 - Congressional Record

Jonathan and Anne Pollard
Hon. Norman F. Lent of New York
In The House of Representatives

Wednesday, October 19, 1988

Mr. Lent, Mr. Speaker, at the request of my constituent, Mr. James Pollard of Hicksville, I respectfully submit the following material for inclusion in today's Congressional Record.

January 27, 1988

Mr. Ronald Reagan
The President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir,

We the undersigned, Members of the Knesset, the parliament of Israel, ask you to grant executive pardon to Jonathan and Ann Pollard.

We are fully cognizant of the complexities of the issue, however we approach you on a humanitarian basis, assuming that after the Pollards are granted pardon they will emigrate to Israel. Humanitarian considerations especially require that generosity be applied to Ann Pollard, whose health requires utmost consideration of her needs.

We are confident that your appeal to you will meet with a positive response.


R. Cohen (and 22 others)

List of Members of Knesset:

A. Abu Haizara
M. Avidov-Cohen
R. Edri
M. Eitan
S. Alloni
A. Amorai
N. Arrad
Y. Aridor
Y. Arizi
B. Ben Eliezer
D. Ben Meir
S. Ben Shlomo
U. Baram
G. Gadot
P. Goldstein
M. Glazer-Tass
H. Grossman
P. Gruper
S. Doron
D. Danino
M. Dekel
H. Drukman
M. Hacohen
A. Harel
S. Wiese
A. Winshtein
A. Valdman
A. Vardiger
Y. Yoseph
G. Cohen
Y. Cohen
R. Cohen
Y. Cohen-Orgad
A. Katz-Oz
D. Libai
A. Lin
U. Landau
R. Milo
D. Meridor
A. Nachmias
O. Namir
A. Nasaraldin
E. Solodor
A. Sartani
Z. Atashi
R. Pinhast
M. Forosh
Y. Peretz
Y. Tzaban
D. Zuker
E. Kullas
H. Kofman
Y. Kaisar
A. Rubinstein
N. Raz
M. Raiser
H. Rimon
A. Shaki
A. Shostak
M. Shirity
D. Shilanski
A. Shallom
B. Shalita
Y. Shamai
V. Shemtov
G. Shafa
Z. Amir

J4JP Note

: The above MKs constituted the first Knesset Lobby organized to call for Jonathan Pollard's repatriation to Israel