Jonathan Pollard for Channel 7: Only Netanyahu and Rabin worked hard to bring me home

Channel 7 - June 1, 2021

The released spy said in a special interview: "This country is ours and I am sorry if certain governments and the world, including the United States, do not accept this fact."

Jonathan Pollard has been in the country for several months and has managed to get excited on several occasions, but he says one of the most exciting is a visit to Beit Yonatan - the building bought by Ateret Cohanim in the Shiloah village - and bears Pollard's name.

In an interview with Channel 7, Pollard says that this building represents a "dream come true" for him.

"Apart from the desire to come to Israel and apart from the love for Esther, the house of Jonathan was a value that helped me keep my life in prison," Pollard adds. "This place tells the world - we are here in our capital - and we are not going anywhere else. This place is ours."

He says that there were two pictures in his closet in the prison - one of his wife Esther and the other of Jonathan's house so that his dreams would be in front of his eyes.

Pollard responded to the question of whether he imagined his freedom when he was imprisoned. "It was very hard to imagine it but I did not stop. One of the things that keeps you alive is the hope, to which dreams join."

He further stated that not all Israeli governments did everything to free him. "There were governments that sabotaged efforts to ensure my freedom. In fact, only two governments - one of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the other of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - worked hard to bring me home."

"The updates that Esther has given me about the enormous support I have received have filled the void left by the attitude of various prime ministers. It has given me hope."

Pollard was asked about his future plans. "I am trying to start a business, a start-up for the benefit of the state and I hope we can realize the goals of this company. The company's name is 'Third Commonwealth Energy' and it is a renewable energy company. These are part of our efforts - Esther and mine - to make Israel independent. And an energy exporter. "

"This is basically what Jews need to remember. The land welcomes us. The land brings us in. But we also need to cultivate the land. We must also improve the land. That is what we hope we can do with this society," Pollard explains.

In conclusion, he points out that he prefers to stay away from politics and that we should not be expected to see him in any party in the foreseeable future.

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