Pollard's Bizarre Parole Restrictions

Dry Bones Blog - April 14, 2016

According to Hamodia:

NEW YORK - Nearly four months after a federal judge ruled that the United States Parole Commission must explain why it has placed broad and severe parole restrictions on Jonathan Pollard, his attorneys have filed a brief with the same judge, saying that the Commission has failed to do so, and urging that it be ordered to lift the restrictions.

The "Supplemental Notice of Action issued by the Commission fails in every conceivable respect to address the clear mandate of this Court," Pollard's pro bono attorneys, Jacques Semmelman and Eliot Lauer, argue in new court documents that were obtained by Hamodia.

At a hearing last December, Judge Katherine B. Forrest of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York remanded the case back to the Parole Commission for "further development of the factual basis" behind their reasoning, and specifically to identify whether Pollard has, after all these years, retained "in his head" secret information that could endanger the public.

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