Video: Ex-CIA Chief: US wrong to deny Pollard freedom

Galei Tzahal - IDF Radio - December 11, 2014

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Former CIA Chief R. James Woosley was interviewed today (11 Dec. 2014) on Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio). Interviewer Ilana Dayan's poses the question why after 30 years in prison, an aging and very ill Jonathan Pollard does not merit even "an ounce of mercy".

Woolsey responds that there is "no good reason" for the way Pollard is being treated. He adds that there is no reason for denying clemency to Jonathan Pollard, nor any reasonable explanation for the behavior of those who are obstructing his release:

"[Pollard] should have been released years ago I think my country is quite wrong on this and I cannot offer any reasonable explanation for the behavior of those either in the White House or otherwise who have not seen fit to show clemency to Pollard."

Woolsey explains that during his own tenure as CIA Chief, when asked by President Clinton if clemency was warranted, he felt that it was too soon. But now, says Woolsey, Pollard's release is long overdue.

For Woolsey's full response, click here.

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