Video: Min. Naftali Bennett calls for Pollard's Release at Saban Forum

Justice4JPnews - December 7, 2014

In this short video clip filmed at the Saban Forum in Washington DC, Minister of the Economy and Jewish Home Party Leader Naftali Bennett uses the opportunity towards the end of a debate with Martin Indyk to make an impassioned plea to the US and to President Obama to release Jonathan Pollard and send him home to Israel. The Pollard clip begins at the 2:56 minute mark.

Click play below or view on YouTube.

  • Source

    : Naftali Bennet Youtube Channel
  • Venue

    : Saban Forum, Washington DC
  • Time [min:sec]

    : 3:56
  • Language

    : English (with Hebrew subtitles)
  • Pollard clip

    at 2:56