IDF Radio: Dramatic development as Peres - Obama meeting set to occur: US Legal Experts call on Obama to release Pollard

J4JPnews - June 24, 2014


This morning IDF Radio (Galei Tzhal) reports that a dramatic development has occurred just as Israeli President Peres is set to meet with President Obama tomorrow to request the release of Jonathan Pollard. IDF Radio journalist, Ilill Shachar reports that 10 American legal experts have sent a letter to President Obama setting forth 10 compelling reasons why the ends of justice requires the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard. The signees include internationally renowned legal scholars such as Alan Dershowitz, Irwin Cotler (former Canadian Justice Minister) and Charles Ogletree (The Obamas own former law professor). For more information contact:

Office of the Hon. Irwin Cotler, MP - +1.514.283.017; Prof. Alan M. Dershowitz - (Harvard Law School)

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  • Source

    : IDF Radio (Galei Tzahal Morning News
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    : Ilill Shachar
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    : Morning Journal with Razi Barkai
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