Matriculation exams in protest for Pollard's release:
"Peres, 29 is too much!"

Hundreds of students from all over the country plan to devote the first page of their matriculation examination booklets to the prisoner by writing to President Peres: "Finish with Pollard!" Inbar, a high school senior: "Now is precisely the time to show that moral values are most important to us!"

Eric Bender - Maariv - May 22, 2014 - [Translated to English]

Hundreds of high school students across the country who are writing their matriculation exams in math today, plan to use the opportunity to appeal to President Shimon Peres to act now to secure the release of Israeli agent, Jonathan Pollard.

WhatsApp messages from "Youth for Pollard" activists were sent out today calling upon thousands of high school students, to devote the first page of their exam notebook to Pollard, and to write this equation in large letters:

"29 years = far too much! Mr. President, please finish with Pollard!"

Noy, a grade 11 student from Katzrin, is one of the students who intend to participate in the protest. She says,"There is some concern because you never know what the examiner will think of the protest and how he will react to it but I feel that it is impossible not to take a small risk for Jonathan who has been rotting in prison for 29 years for his actions on behalf of our country."

Yesterday, Noy and many other students used their time between exams to circulate a petition directed at President Peres which in its first day online was already signed by thousands of people calling for the Israeli president to devote his last visit to the U.S for Pollard's release. Noy explains, "We felt we had to do something more, and that is how the idea of an online petition was born." [See the petition here. All are welcome to sign! Instructions below.]

Yoav, a high school junior from Ra'anana, has not yet made a final decision whether to participate in matriculation protest. "The matrics are extremely difficult for me, and I really don't want to run any risk, but then I feel we cannot be silent now. If we expect our president to act boldly for the release of Pollard, we must be brave in doing our own share as well."

Inbar, a high school senior, has decided to participate in protest: "I think that doing this protest during the matriculation exams which are supposed to reflect our academic achievements more than anything, is the right time to show that moral values are most important to us! I really hope this message catches on!"

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Instructions for English Speakers to sign the Petition for Pollard

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The signature box is at the top of the page on the left. It has 3 lines

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  1. On the first line:

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