A Note of Thanks to All for a Successful Event!

J4JPnews - February 25, 2014

Grateful thanks are due to Effi Lahav, Asher Mivtzari, and Adi Ginsburg, the executive members of the Mateh L'maan Shichrooroh shel Yonatan Pollard (aka "The Campaign", aka "The Committee") who worked night and day for weeks to organize the Pollard demo in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv this past Sunday (23/02/14).

Special thanks to Rabbi Pesach Lerner who came all the way from New York to attend, to advise and to assist. Infinite appreciation to all of the wonderful volunteers and young activists who poured their hearts and souls into helping us make this demo a success. Without their hands-on help in organizing and their participation, we could not have done it!

Hat Tip and appreciation to Hillel Maier for donating his photography and technical expertise. A million thanks to all of those who organized their own buses or came in their own cars or by public transport from all parts of the country and who spared no effort to get there to show support for Jonathan.

Special mention of thanks to Emunah Ginsburg (daughter of Adi and Tzippi, of the executive) for giving up her bedtime to attend. At 9 months old, she was the youngest protester there! Ditto, kudos to our senior-most protester, Bella Amiram, (adoptive mother to the Pollards) who made the arduous trip from Jerusalem to be there.

May G-d grant that the next public gathering of this strength and volume be to welcome Jonathan home, very very soon! Thanks again to all!