Video [English]: Esther Pollard Speaking at the Pollard Demo

Justice4JPnews - February 24, 2014

After speaking to the very large and passionate crowd in Hebrew, Esther Pollard then repeated her speech in English. This is the video of her remarks in English. Standing to Esther's left in the video is Effi Lahav, the head of the Pollard campaign and master of ceremonies at the Demo.

Grateful thanks are due to the executive members of the campaign, Effi Lahav, Asher Mivtzari, Adi Ginsburg who worked night and day for weeks to put this Demo together! Special thanks to Rabbi Pesach Lerner who came all the way from New York to attend and to assist. Infinite appreciation to all of the wonderful volunteers and young activists who poured their hearts and souls into helping us make this Demo a success.

Click play below or view on YouTube.

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    Courtesy of Arutz7 - Israel National News
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