World-Wide Prayer for Jonathan Pollard on Yahrtzeit of Rachel Immenu

11 Marcheshvan, Tuesday October 15th at 12:30 (afternoon)
Justice4JPnews October 13, 2013

And the Children Shall Return to their Land

Ezrat Nashim Presents A Special Prayer for Jonathan Pollard - Per Rabanit Tzviya Eliyahu (wife of HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu ztvkl)

Our Brother Jonathan Pollard is entering his 29th year in prison for his activities on behalf of Israel. On Tuesday, October 15th at noon (12:00 H) in every country we will gather together in Israel and all over the world to pray for him; and in the merit of Rachel Immenu, our prayers for his immediate release will storm the Heavens and be answered to the good. Every person is asked to pray in groups or alone wherever they are at 12:30 (afternoon). Lets go global with Jewish unity!

A special prayer to say this Tuesday, 11 Marcheshvan (October 15th) and everyday for the salvation of Yehonatan Halevy Ben Malka is in the poster shown and can also be printed.

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