Chief Rabbi Lau urges Prayers for Pollard's Release

In a New Year message, Chief Rabbi David Lau has urged worshippers to pray for Jonathan Pollard's release.

Yishai Karov and Adam Ross - Israel National News - September 3, 2013

Israeli Chief Rabbi David Lau has urged worshippers to pray for the release of Jonathan Pollard in services to be held over the Jewish New Year.

Pollard has been imprisoned in the U.S. where he has served over 27 years of a life sentence.

Rabbi Lau, Israel's newly elected Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi called on communities to pray to God for "Our brother Jonathan Pollard," saying that "The time had come for his long awaited release from prison."

Rabbi Lau, the son of previous Chief Rabbi, Yisrael Meir Lau, called to worshippers:

"Let us pour out our prayers before the freer of prisoners (God) to release Pollard from his bounds."

Rabbi Lau added a specially worded prayer for Pollard's release which he urged communities to read during or after reading from the Torah scroll over services marking the New Year on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Jonathan Pollard has been imprisoned in the U.S. since 1987 for leaking information to Israel. The length of his sentence drawn criticism from leaders in Israel who say the jail term is overly harsh.

Knesset members had previously urged the U.S. to free Pollard prior to the re starting of talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in July.

Earlier this week, documents leaked by former NSA employee Edward Snowden led to frustration and anger in Israel, after they revealed that the Obama administration had labeled Israel a top target for surveillance.

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