Comprehensive quick update on the Pollard Case - 5 brief items

Justice4JPnews - July 1, 2013

Jonathan Pollard has been fighting for relief from an unjust and grossly disproportionate life sentence for nearly 28 years. The case has taken many twists and turns over that time, with many new developments and startling revelations.

Read these 5 brief items and immediately be up to speed on the current status of the Pollard case. Each item contains critical information; the five together present an easy-to-read comprehensive overview of the history of the case with careful attention to factual accuracy.

The five items, all recent publications of the Jerusalem Post, include three editorials, one news analysis and one op-ed. Titles and links follow:

EDITORIAL: CIA game changer

EDITORIAL: The buck stops here

EDITORIAL: Pollard's 10,000 Days

Op-Ed: Pollard's Catch-22

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