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Re "Jonathan Pollard, up close and personal"

The Jerusalem Post - Letters - May 31, 2013

Sir -

Was it coincidence, divine providence or poetic justice that resulted in the inclusion of Pesach Lerner's "Jonathan Pollard, up close and personal" (Opinion, May 10) in the same issue as the cover story about former Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief Bret Stephens ("Unexpected Win")?

After chronicling the US government's "calculated misconduct" in continuing Pollard's imprisonment for reasons unrelated to his original offense, Rabbi Lerner insists that, "there is still no excuse for others to continue this unwarranted character assassination in the media."

Although he does not mention anyone by name, Lerner may well have been including none other than Bret Stephens. I am sure that many of your readers are unaware of Stephen's article in the March 18th issue of the Wall Street Journal entitled, "Don't Free Jonathan Pollard: A man who betrayed his country is no martyr to the Jewish people."

In this article, the Pulitzer Prize winner resorts to the same character assassination, dwelling on Pollard's alleged drug use 28 years ago, among other reasons for continuing what amounts to a death sentence for Pollard.

I'm personally not convinced that Stephen's winning of the Pulitzer makes his opinions worth more than they were before, or that his lack of compassion is worthy of emulation.

Ma'aleh Adumim


Sir -

Pesach Lerner's piece is similar to many others I have read. Pollard is a gentleman in every sense of the word, never badmouthing those that betrayed him, namely the Israeli government and in particular Shimon Peres, who initially refused him sanctuary and handed him over - complete with the file that would eventually convict him.

Pollard has always made it clear that he will never accept the release of terrorists in order to free him. He has morals and conviction that are sadly lacking in our leaders. He gave information to a friendly country, Israel, that saved countless Israeli lives, and was information that America wrongfully kept back from Israel.

Yes, he spied, but he never harmed America and much information has come to light to verify that fact and the fact that he was set up. People who spied for enemy countries that indeed did harm to the America received sentences of around five years. There can be no question that if Netanyahu and Peres had wanted him free, it would have happened.

I would say to Pollard and those people working for his release: Don't be afraid to say how it really is. The time for being nice is over. US President Barak Obama is no friend of ours and ultimately the betrayal will come to light and we will pay dearly. He is never going to release Pollard, and if he ever did, it would be only in return for dangerous and unprecedented concessions to our enemies.



Sir- Like Pesach Lerner, I was disgusted by Avidan Freedman's comparison of Jonathan Pollard to a metzora (a person afflicted with leprosy or a severe skin disease). In case anyone didn't understand Freedman explains, " The leper is a repulsive individual."

I would like to thank and congratulate Lerner for his excellent article, which set the record straight about our brother Jonathan.


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