Esther Pollard urges Kerry to 'end tragedy'

Hundreds protest outside secretary of state's hotel in Jerusalem, wave signs reading '10,000 days - it's enough!' Spy's wife: How much longer can he survive?

Itamar Eichner - YNet News - April 9, 2013

Hundreds of people demonstrated Monday night opposite David's Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem where the US Secretary of State John Kerry was lodging, in a call for the release of convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard, who marked the 10,000th day of his life sentence the same day.

Demonstrators held signs which reading, "10,000 days - it's enough!" Esther Pollard, the wife of the prisoner, spoke at the rally in tears and said, "10,000 days! How much longer can he survive? I appeal to you Mr. Kerry. You are a man of moral values. For compassion's sake, please act to bring an end to this tragedy!"

Mrs. Pollard indicated that President Shimon Peres had told her when they last met that he knows Kerry for many years and that he is a man of moral values with a strong sense of justice. She expressed confidence that Kerry might therefore be receptive to the strong desire of the Israeli people to see Jonathan free. "Peres promised me that he would do everything in his power to enlist Kerry's support to release Jonathan and save his life, whether as a matter of justice or as a humanitarian concern," she said.

"I hope and pray that Mr. Peres' words will find their mark in Mr. Kerry's heart and that he will be an honest advocate for mercy and justice," said Esther Pollard.

"I hope and pray that the overwhelming concern and support of the Israeli people that cuts across the full spectrum of Israeli society will make the difference and will finally bring a change," she continued.

"I am requesting that the American secretary of state bring a heartfelt message back to the United States, asking that it show mercy and compassion towards Jonathan and towards Israel on this matter. I ask Mr. Kerry to please use his considerable influence with the president so that Jonathan may go free and not continue to rot in prison. Jonathan has no further legal options. Only presidential clemency can end Jonathan's incarceration."

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