Petition to free Jonathan Pollard reaches 100,000 signatures

The online petition will be presented to U.S. President Barack Obama during his upcoming visit to Israel
At meeting with Pollard's wife, Esther, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, "Jonathan should have been freed a long time ago already."

Shlomo Cesana and Yori Yalon - Yisrael Hayom - March 5, 2013

As U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to Israel approaches, calls to free convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard have grown louder. Some 100,000 people have already signed a petition demanding his release, which will be presented to the U.S. president during his visit.

"Jonathan should have been freed a long time ago already," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met Pollard's wife, Esther, on Monday.

At the beginning of their meeting, which was attended by former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Korb and Effie Lahav, one of the leaders of the movement to free Pollard, Netanyahu said, "This issue will be raised during President Obama's visit."

Esther Pollard said during the meeting that "Jonathan can't go on any longer. This is a golden opportunity with the U.S. president's visit. If not now, then when?"

Pollard has been in prison for 28 years and is in failing health.

President Shimon Peres also met with Esther Pollard and Korb on Monday.

"We all want Jonathan's release. It's my intention to also raise this important issue during Obama's upcoming visit to Israel," the president said.

Following her meeting with Peres, Esther Pollard asked the Israeli public to continue signing the petition.

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