Pollard Campaign Video Comes to The Big Screen

J4JPnews - February 26, 2013

Motorists and pedestrians in Tel Aviv and other major cities in Israel will be seeing the new Pollard campaign video on big screen starting now and continuing in the lead-up to President Obama's visit to Israel March 20th.

The big screens are are the huge digital advertising screens that have been popping up all over the country, particularly in heavily congested areas. These screens vibrantly display a series of digital video ads in a recurring cycle of 8 seconds. That means if you are stuck in traffic on the Ayalon Highway, you will see the 8-second Pollard video every two minutes!

The Pollard video was made with the help of CTV Media and will be broadcast on its advertising screens in Tel Aviv and other cities. J4JP and The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard home want to express heartfelt thanks to CTV Media.


The video opens with President Obama placing the US Medal of Freedom on President Shimon Peres. The Hebrew words "Honored President" appear across the screen shot of the two beaming and smiling presidents. As the camera pans backwards it becomes apparent that we are watching the presidents through a window. The camera backs up some more and we are now watching through a window lined with iron bars. The window is set in a cold grey prison wall. Upon the dark prison wall, in dripping blood-red ink are the words "Please save me!" and signed "J. Pollard".

As the video concludes, in the final frame we see Jonathan Pollard's shadow fall across the right hand side of the prison wall and his face appears fleetingly at the bottom left. The message is powerful and compelling.

See for yourself!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW the video on YouTube or click play below:
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