Save Pollard, sign now! 10,000 days in prison must not happen!

Justice4JP - February 17, 2012

In a few short weeks from now Jonathan Pollard will have served 10,000 days in prison. This is one anniversary no one wants to celebrate. Sign the online petition for Pollard and save his life!

Since it went online less than a week ago, some 30,000 people have signed the petition for Jonathan Pollard which is slated for hand-delivery to President Obama when he visits Israel next month.

Let's aim to double the tally daily and go for broke! 100,000 signatures this week! Come on, House of Israel, yes you can!

If everyone who signs enlists 5 more people to sign, we can do it!

Save Pollard! Sign the Petition now!


Save Pollard! Sign the Petition now!

Please tweet this appeal to Twitter and post to Facebook. Please email and share. Please recirculate far and wide.

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Video (2:55 min): Top US Officials: Free Jonathan Pollard Now!

The only hope of release that Jonathan Pollard has is presidential commutation of his sentence to time served. The fact that he is serving an unjust, grossly disproportionate sentence, along with his failing health, compels his immediate release, without any further delay. Save Pollard! Sign now!

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