Attention! All the House of Israel: Save Pollard! Sign the Petition Now!

Justice4JPnews - February 14, 2013

Esther Pollard landed in Israel yesterday after an emergency visit to her husband in prison in Butner NC. He is not in good health. She is gearing up for meetings with all of the top Israeli political leaders next week as the campaign for Pollard's freedom swings into action.

Everyone is urged to sign the online petition to President Obama, and to sign up as many friends and family as possible until all the House of Israel is on board!

In less than 3 days in circulation, nearly 25,000 people have already signed! Let's aim to double that daily, and go for broke! Come on, House of Israel, yes you can!

  • See Instructions for English Speakers (including a link to the petition)

  • Petition in Hebrew with text in both languages (See instructions first!)

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    Save Pollard! Sign the Petition now!