Esther Pollard updated on husband's failing health

Netanyahu, Livni wish Pollard well after imprisoned Israeli spy collapses in his North Carolina prison cell.

Gil Hoffman - The Jerusalem Post - December 3, 2012

Imprisoned Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is receiving serious pain management medication as he continues to undergo observation, his wife Esther said Sunday after she was updated about her husband's medical condition.

Pollard was hospitalized after he collapsed in his North Carolina prison cell on Friday.

It remained unclear Sunday how long he would stay in the hospital, and Esther said he is undergoing various medical interventions which have not been finalized, pending further consultation.

"Because of his long years of incarceration under harsh conditions (including seven years in solitary confinement), inadequate nutrition and inadequate medical care, Jonathan is suffering from numerous medical conditions," Esther Pollard said.

"The compounded effect of these multiple medical issues is wreaking havoc on his overall health and threatening his ability to survive. His body is simply worn out."

She said she was praying very hard and asked the public to join in prayers for Jonathan's recovery and for his speedy release from prison so that he could finally get the medical attention he desperately needs, at home, in a humane and safe environment.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and former foreign minister Tzipi Livni both expressed hope Sunday that Pollard would feel better soon. At the start of Sunday's cabinet meeting, Netanyahu wished him a speedy recovery.

"We will continue to work in every way possible in order to bring Pollard home," Netanyahu said.

At a Tel Aviv press conference, Livni said she hoped Pollard, who has served more than 27 years of a life sentence, would soon be a free man.

"It is right for Pollard to be on the agenda and to help him publicly and not publicly," Livni said.

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