Video Channel 2 News: Peres and Netanyahu expected to ask for Pollard

Source: Channel 2 News, Israel - February 28, 2012

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President Shimon Peres and PM Netanyahu are going to Washington next week and they are expected to ask for the release of Jonathan Pollard, reports Israel's Channel 2 News. Journalist Udi Segal explains that while talks are expected to focus on Iran, this would be a good time for the President to make a humanitarian gesture by freeing Jonathan Pollard.

In the more than a year that has gone by since PM Netanyahu officially requested Pollard's release, says Segal,the political climate has changed drastically to favor such a move, especially now, as a confidence building measure for the Israeli people. In the past year there has also been an outpouring of support from Senior American officials who have written to the President calling Pollard's sentence grossly disproportionate and asking for his release. Even members of Congress from Obama's own party have begun to criticize him for stonewalling on Pollard's release.

Channel 2 shows a clip of an interview with US Democratic Congressman Elliot Engel, who declares that Pollard's continued incarceration is "ridiculous!" and states that Pollard should have gone free long ago. The news report also features a clip from a newly released video in which top American officials explain why Pollard must go free now. It is time, says Channel 2, for Obama to release Pollard or to explain the reason for his intransigence.

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    : Channel 2 News: Peres and Netanyahu Expected to Ask for Pollard
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