Channel 10 Interview of RAC Leader: Pollard discussed with Obama at URJ Biennial

Freedom for Jonathan Pollard, a "strong consensus issue"

Israel Channel 10 Television - December 18, 2011

Rabbi David Saperstein, Executive Director of the RAC:was interviewed by Israel's Channel 10 Television via satellite, from the URJ Biennal conference in Washington. Asked by the Israeli announcer whether the Jonathan Pollard issue was a big concern to the US Jewry, Rabbi Saperstein responded that it is an issue of srong concensus for the American Jewish Community. He revealed that Rabbi Eric Yoffie had spoken with the President at the URJ to advocate for Pollard's release and that he hoped that progress had been made.

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  • Original broadcast

    : December 18, 2011
  • Language

    : English (with Hebrew subtitles)
  • Interviewee

    : Rabbi David Saperstein
  • Duration (min:sec)

    : 1:10