Video: Sefer Torah Dedication in Honor of Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JPnews - April 7, 2011

See comment by Esther Pollard below

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  • Source

    : Lepon Productions
  • Filmmaker

    : Yaacov Lepon
  • Time [min:sec]

    : 2:46
  • Event

    : Hachnassat Sefer Torah in honor of Jonathan Pollard

Esther Pollard Comments:

I told Jonathan about this wonderful brief video that was taken at the Tziun of David HaMelech on Mount Zion. It was there that the final letters of the Sefer Torah written by Shaul and Tamar Chalfon with great messirut nefesh, in Honor of Jonathan Pollard were filled in. More accurately, I told Jonathan that I am reluctant to share the video with others without writing about the event; and that I am even more reluctant to write about the event because nothing I could write will ever properly describe how superlative it was! Words will never suffice!

Every Hachnassat Sefer Torah is joyful and energizing and special, but this one, I told Jonathan, was the kind of event that happens once in a millenium!

The simcha (joy) and kedusha (holiness) that is obvious in this short video clip which was shot on Mount Zion, pales in comparison to what we experienced in Hebron! The prayer, the dancing and singing, the blessings, and the entire process in Hebron, as we brought the Sefer Torah to its final home, was so sublime that it was not of this world! You had to be there! Just ask anyone who was there and they will tell you that this is no exaggeration, that for each of us this was the event of a lifetime! There was a sense of achdut (unity) and kedusha (holiness) and tehora (purity) and simcha (joy) all combined to the highest degree!

The electrically-charged atmosphere that was created as we sang and danced and clapped and made our way on foot with the Sefer Torah cradled in loving arms under a bridal canopy, from Kyriat Arba to Hebron, was so infectious that even the neighborhood Arabs came out to share in our joy just by staring gape-mouthed; their little children clapping and dancing on their balconies and porches along with us as we passed!

In side the Maarat Hamachpela, the Avot (Patriarchs) and Imaot (Matriarchs) welcomed the Sefer Torah joyously and embraced us all! The kedusha was palpable -- everyone felt it! Again there was this sense of absolute unity amongst the participants and our joy just carried us along. The Sefer Torah in its heavy silver case, I was told, felt light and easy to carry, easy to dance with, because of the collective energy that the entire congregation generated.

The prayers before placing the Sefer Torah in the ark were not recited --they were poured out in absolute unity of purpose and joy! And the prayers said for Jonathan in conjunction with his Sefer Torah were positively mind-blowing in their intensity and their kavanah! I was overwhelmed just being in this atmosphere of total dedication that tears of joy just streamed down my face. This is the kind of prayer -- where everyone is praying from some place deep in their soul -- that I have always wanted for Jonathan, and this is the first time it was ever achieved! There were no slackers and no dilly-dalliers. Everyone was as intensely involved in the prayers as every one else. Everyone, without exception, poured their heart and soul out for Jonathan's return! For me, this amazing group prayer in celebration of the Sefer Torah dedicated in honor of Jonathan's swift return, was the greatest gift in the world to us! Jonathan and I are deeply grateful -- and this is an event I will never forget!

Jonathan was deeply touched to hear all about this miraculous Sefer Torah. He is so looking forward to attending the Seudat Mitzvah/ Seudat Hodaya for the Sefer Torah that has been delayed until his home-coming, B"H very soon! Salvation comes from HaShem in the wink of an eye! May it indeed be so!

Oh, and by the way, did I forget to mention that even on a purely physical level, this is the most beautiful Sefer Torah, I have ever seen!

See for yourself!

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