Video: Rep. Michael Grimm's statement after meeting Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JPnews - March 30, 2011

After a recent meeting with Jonathan Pollard in prison, Congressman Michael Grimm makes a compelling statement for Pollards release. Grimm refers to his own background as a former FBI agent and as a long-time fighter for justice as he indicates that there is a consensus that Pollards sentence is excessive; that he has served 26 years of a life sentence; and that continuing his incarceration is not justice. Grimm reveals that he is now working with many others in Washington to press for Pollards release. "Justice in this case," says Grimm, "would be to have Jonathan Pollard released from prison."

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    : Youtube
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    : Congressman Michael Grimm
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    : English
  • Date of posting

    : March 29, 2011
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    : 1 minute

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