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J4JPnews - March 20, 2010

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In this brief video [in Hebrew], the amazing 12 year-old and newly-orphaned Tamar Fogel first speaks of the ideals that her parents, Ruth and Udi Fogel HY"D lived and died for. She speaks of the strength of Am Yisrael that lies in its unity. Tamar says her parents believed that there is room for all kinds of Jewish expression, but the main thing is that all Jews must be united -- that there should not be strife between brothers, nor should brothers lift a hand to each other -- only unity!

Fogel, we are told, does not talk about herself or about the tragedy that struck her family, left her and 2 brothers orphans, their parents and 3 siblings brutally slaughtered, and their home turned into a devastated terrorist attack site. She does tell the interviewer about the cuddly bear she received from Jonathan Pollard who sent bears to her and her siblings via his wife Esther during a shiva call. Esther Pollard told Tamar that these may look like bears, but they are really hugs that Jonathan is sending to you. Fogel introduces each of the 3 bears to the interviewer and explains which one belongs to each of the siblings and how you can tell them apart by the different bows they are wearing. In every interview that Fogel does, this one included, she makes a principled call for Jonathan's release. (Amazing!) She later goes on to speak about the promises made by senior Israeli politicians, including the prime minister, who indicated to her that the response to her parents'and siblings murderers would be to build and settle the Land. Tamar makes short shrift of all of these fine promises when she points out that the reality is that the government of Israel is far more involved with destroying and evacuating Jewish settlements than with building them. The balance of the video deals with the funeral and shiva for the 5 Fogel family members who were brutally slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists. Although the video is in Hebrew any one who has read this introduction will follow it, and will certainly be amazed by the poise and grace of this lovely young lady who speaks from the heart, cogently and compellingly, in the midst of the most unspeakable grief.

  • Video

    : Interview with Tamar Fogel
  • Source

    : Israel Channel 2 TV
  • Slot

    : 8 PM Evening News
  • Interviewer

    : Sivan Meirav Meir
  • Interviewee

    : Tamar Fogel
  • Language

    : Hebrew
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