Video: Channel 2 News: US Former VP Joins the 'Free Pollard' drive

Justice4JPnews - February 8, 2011

The news that former US Vice President Dan Quayle has joined the call by a wave of senior American officials calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard broke first on Israel's Channel 2 News on Monday, February 7th in Hebrew.

In a special report from Washington, correspondent Aaron Barnea read quotes from the Quayle letter pointing out that Quayle describes Pollard's life sentence as "very extreme" and that he urges President Obama to release him.

Barnea stresses that this letter is a dramatic break-through from the senior-most American official ever to make the call for Pollard's release. He repeats twice that this breakthrough clearly has great political ramifications. The video is in Hebrew, but anyone who cares about Jonathan, even those who do not understand Hebrew, will still enjoy watching important news breaking on the case!

  • Source

    : Israel Channel 2 News
  • Language

    : Hebrew
  • Presenter

    : Washington Correspondent, Aaron Barnea
  • Time

    : (min:sec): 1:16

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