NEW VIDEO! Jonathan Pollard - Enough is Enough!

Info series by Boxerbros Productions: Video #7

Justice4JPnews - January 13, 2011

J4JP is pleased to present the seventh in a series of brief videos on the Pollard case.

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    : Jonathan Pollard - Enough is Enough!
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    : Boxerbros Productions
  • Description

    : The video focuses on a new wave of support by high-ranking American officials calling for justice for Jonathan Pollard. There is also an impassioned appeal by Pollard's wife, Esther, who fears for his life, as Pollard's health continues to deteriorate rapidly, after 26 years in some of the harshest conditions the US penal system can mete out. Viewers are encouraged to call or fax the White House to tell President Obama to free Jonathan Pollard now!
  • White House Tel.: 202- 456-1111; Fax: 202- 456- 2461

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    : English
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Please share the video link with 10 people and ask them to share with another 10 people! Be sure to also share with news media, with your congressional representatives and Jewish organizational leaders.Join the fight for justice for Jonathan Pollard now!