Video: Galatz Interview with former Attorney General Michael Mukasey

Justice4JPnews - January 8, 2010

IDF reporter, Ilil Shachar, interviewed former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey in English. Mukasey explains that both as a judge and as Attorney General he was prevented from becoming involved in advocating for Pollard's release, but now that he is able to, he is doing so. He reiterates the gross dis-proportionality of Pollard's sentence and cites others who have seen the full file such as James Woolsey and Senator Deconcini who are also calling for Pollard's release. The interview aired on Galatz (IDF Radio) on Friday, January 7, 2011. Mukasey's reponses are heard in English and translated to Hebrew. The announcer voice-over which provides the Hebrew translation also explains the questions which were asked by Ilil Shachar to generate Mukasey's responses.

To view the interview click the play button below or view on YouTube.

  • Source

    : IDF Radio ("Galatz") and Youtube
  • Language

    : Hebrew with comments by Mukasey in English
  • Time

    : 3:22