Text: Senator Dennis Deconcini renews call for Pollard's Release yet again

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December 6, 2010

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave,
NW Washington, D.C. 20500

Re: Jonathan Pollard

Dear Mr. President,

Due to the recent Congressional letter, signed by 39 Congressman, sent to you advocating your commuting Jonathan Pollard's sentence to time served, I feel it is important that I send you a follow up letter concerning Pollard.

I was on the Senate Intelligence Committee when Pollard was arrested, and subsequently became its chairman. I am well aware of the classified information concerning the damage he caused. Pollard was charged with one count of giving classified information to an ally, Israel. He was never charged with nor to my knowledge did he ever give any information to a third country.

There is considerable controversy regarding the plea bargain which Pollard entered into with the Justice Department. Not being a party to that plea bargain, it is difficult for me to pass judgment, although, it appears to me that the eventual punishment awarded to Mr. Pollard, life in prison, exceeded the severity of the crime. In addition, it is note-worthy that what law Pollard broke, though a violation, clearly it was information given to an ally and a friend of the US. Not an enemy. Though in determining the guilt or innocence this would not weigh heavy on a court or jury, however, I do believe it is important to note if there is consideration for commutation. Pollard has been punished significantly more than most convicts of similar crimes.

I believe that Pollard has been sufficiently punished, and that it is unjust for him to serve any more time in prison. I join the 39 House Members in recommending that Pollard's sentence be commuted to time served - which would also be entirely consistent with the agreement the government originally made with him. Thank you for your consideration.

Dennis DeConcini
United States Senator, Ret.


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